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Chicago Bears step up and sign Zach Miller to contract

The Chicago Bears stepped up for their tight end Zach Miller

Chicago Bears vs New Orleans Saints Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

The NFL is a lot of things, including cruel.

Last season, in one of the most graphic injuries I can remember, Chicago Bears tight end Zach Miller caught a touchdown against the New Orleans Saints and then all of the viewers watched as Miller’s leg snapped in half.

The NFL, being the NFL, ruled that Miller did not complete the process and instead overturned the call while Miller was just trying to survive on the field.

He nearly lost his leg and may never see the field again and even worse, he was a free agent this offseason with not team or contract.

However, the Chicago Bears stepped up and did the right thing and signed Miller to a contract that guarantees he can receive medical care:

The split contract will pay Miller $458,000 guaranteed. That figure rises to $790,000 if he can take the field. It’s a small payout for a team with an estimated $27 million in salary cap space left to spend this offseason, but still an important gesture that keeps a veteran free agent in the fold and able to receive team medical care in the near future.

The NFL has a lot wrong with it, but to see a team step up and help out a player like this is a great thing.

It also shows the positive and good that comes out of the NFL, even when it’s not Cardinals related.