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Mike Glennon continues to be the quarterback you need to get to your franchise quarterback

The former day two pick continues to be the guy before you get your guy.

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NFL: Arizona Cardinals-OTA Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

There is always that one person before you find the one.

They even made a terrible movie, “Good Luck Chuck”, with Dane Cook about it.

Well, if this was Hollywood, Mike Glennon would be “Good Luck Chuck”, as he has continually been the one before the team he is on finds their one.

In Tampa Bay, he had nice statistics and a terrible record, which gave the Buccaneers the ability to draft Jameis Winston.

Then, he signed a big deal to get another shot to be a starter in Chicago, and the Bears promptly traded up and draft Mitchell Trubisky to be the guy.

I joked when the Arizona Cardinals signed Glennon that at least now they were guaranteed to be drafting a quarterback:

At some point, you have to feel bad for the guy, but it also tells you quite a bit about the player.

Glennon has been consistently good enough to be on a roster, but there has not been a team that wants to turnover their quarterback position to Glennon.

Now, Glennon understands his role and place within the NFL. He is a mentor and he is a backup:

Last year, I was there to help Mitch, but I was focusing on myself. This year, I can focus on myself, but try to help both Sam and Josh out.’

For the Cardinals, it is a continuation of what Drew Stanton brought to the Cardinals. A veteran presence who is really good in the classroom.

The difference now is that they have a young quarterback in Josh Rosen who they need to get up to speed in the NFL, while also having a quarterback in Sam Bradford who everyone knows gives you a chance to play as a backup.

Glennon’s role is now established and the Cardinals have him locked into it for the next two years.