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Expect nothing out of Sam Bradford, says Mike Florio

The Arizona Cardinals quarterback has to prove he can stay healthy.

NFL: Arizona Cardinals-Minicamp Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals took a gamble on their quarterback situation when they signed Sam Bradford.

The gamble wasn’t the money, it wasn’t the contract, the years or hoping they could get a rookie quarterback to groom under Bradford.

No, the gamble was on Bradford and whether or not he could actually get on the field consistently in 2018.

Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk explained this line of thinking to Arizona Sports:

“I would expect absolutely nothing from Sam Bradford and treat everything he gives you like a bonus. Even if he’s healthy when he walks out on the field the first game, I’m not going to assume he’ll stay healthy.”

That’s the reality of Bradford at this point, he has to prove not his ability, not his worth, not whether he deserved another shot.

He has to prove he can physically make it through a season... half a season... hell, two games.

However, Florio understood why they had to make the move:

“The fact they paid him that much money shows how important it is to have an established veteran quarterback even if he’s got one bad knee.”

Now it will be about Bradford proving everyone wrong.