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Budda Baker disappointed with his Madden 19 rating

The Arizona Cardinals safety finds his Madden rating down the list.

NFL: Oakland Raiders at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

As the offseason crawls to a close, one of the things we’ll see more of is initial rankings heading into the season.

One such rankings so far are those of Madden 19 rankings.

The Arizona Cardinals Budda Baker was a bit perplexed by his score, as it came in much, much lower than expected:

That’s right, Budda Baker was graded out at only a 79, while rookie Derwin James from the Los Angeles Chargers was ranked over him with an 80.

Baker’s outrage was shared by many fans, who didn’t see the safety coming in that low.

It is one of those situations where you see the rankings and wonder how they’ll change as the season progresses, as Madden does update rankings throughout the season.

How far up does Budda Baker move up the rankings as the season moves along?

Is Baker right to be a little surprised and disappointed by his initial rankings?