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Arizona Cardinals pass on all players in 2018 NFL Supplemental Draft

The Arizona Cardinals did not use any picks in the 2018 supplemental draft.

81st Goodyear Cotton Bowl Classic - Western Michigan v Wisconsin Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images

The NFL 2018 Supplemental Draft came and went yesterday and nary a word was said about it.

Well, nary a word on this site, since there was not really a shot that the Arizona Cardinals were going to take one of the prospects in the draft.

It played out with little surprise, as the best prospect, Western Michigan’s Sam Beal, a cornerback.

The way the NFL Supplemental Draft works is simple:

What happens when players are drafted? How are players drafted?

Supplemental draft picks work like an advance on future picks. When a player is chosen with a supplemental draft pick, that pick is subtracted from the team’s draft picks in the following year. For example, if a team were to spend a third-round pick on Beal in the supplemental draft, it would lose its third-round pick for the 2019 NFL Draft.

Teams are divided into three groups and each group has a bit of a lottery system to determine the order. It’s kind of like the NBA Draft Lottery where the team with the lowest record (for their group) has a better chance to win the first pick for their group. Here’s how teams are placed into groups:

Group 1: All teams with six or fewer wins

Group 2: Non-playoff teams with at least seven wins

Group 3: All 12 playoff teams

Teams typically use later round picks on supplemental draft picks since the risk is a bit higher due to the circumstances of them being in this situation. Of the last nine supplemental draft picks, Josh Gordon was the only one that had a pick higher than the third round used on him.

Unlike the regular draft, this one won’t be televised. But we’ll soon find out which of the five players who have entered their names into the supplemental draft will get picked.

Beal was drafted in the third round, meaning the Giants will forefeit their 2019 third round pick.

The Washington Redskins drafted Adonis Alexander, a cornerback from Virginia Tech in the sixth round.

No other players were drafted this year, so three players went undrafted and are available in free agency:

From SB Nation

Brandon Bryant, FS, Mississippi State: was a source of big plays for Mississippi State throughout his three years with the team. He had five interceptions for 122 yards and a touchdown in three seasons and also chipped in 3.5 tackles for loss, 1.5 sacks, and a forced fumble in that timespan.

Bright Ugwoegbu, OLB, Oregan State: had 17.5 tackles for loss and eight sacks in 27 career games for the Oregon State Beavers. This includes an absurd 11 tackles for loss in just eight games during the 2016 season.

Martayveus Carter, RB, Grand Valley State: In 2016, he was named’s Offensive Player of the Year racking up 1,908 yards on 7.5 yards per carry, 146.8 yards per game, and a whopping 20 touchdowns.