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Arizona Cardinals offensive weapons in bottom half, despite David Johnson and Larry Fitzgerald

The Arizona Cardinals really only have two offensive weapons that ESPN trusts.

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at San Francisco 49ers Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

There was a large turnover within the roster this offseason for the Arizona Cardinals. In fact, since their NFC Championship game run of 2015, the offense is nearly unrecognizable.

Heading into 2016, the Cardinals boasted a top five offensive skill player room, with old (Larry Fitzgerald and Carson Palmer), entering their prime (Michael Floyd) and young and up and coming (David Johnson, John Brown and J.J. Nelson).

Now, as they head into 2018, they have fallen down the rankings of offensive arsenals, according to ESPN, all the way to 20:

Even with a healthy Johnson, though, Arizona’s receiving corps has virtually nobody in his prime. Larry Fitzgerald’s late-career turn into Wes Welker has been remarkable, but there’s precious little behind him. (If that comparison seems inaccurate, consider that Welker posted an average line of 112-1,243-6 during his six seasons in New England; Fitz is at 108-1,131-7 over his past three seasons.) Fellow veteran Jermaine Gresham tore an Achilles last year, and while Ricky Seals-Jones flashed potential, it was over 12 catches. One member of the Cardinals’ young wideout trio -- J.J. Nelson, 2017 third-rounder Chad Williams and rookie second-rounder Christian Kirk -- has to develop into someone who can consistently threaten safeties.

This isn’t surprising.

While Fitz and DJ are two of the best at their respective positions, there is literally nothing of substance behind them.

Nelson has the most success, but is the type of player you want as a fringe third wide receiver and optimally would be a fourth wide receiver in a really good offense.

Chad Williams couldn’t get on the field last year and Christian Kirk is a rookie.

So, the weapons on the Cardinals are not really known, outside of the ageless Fitz and a coming off an injury DJ.

I am actually surprised to see them, at this juncture, ranked so highly. That is how good both Fitz and DJ are.

Within the division:

LA Rams = 6
SF 49ers = 26
Seahawks = 28

What do you think of the rankings?