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Sunday Night Open Thread with Revenge of the Birds

Talk about... Anything, with your friends on RotB.

Ahhh summer, you unrelenting bi… big ol pain in the butt.

That’s where we are right now.

My buddy Kyle Posey just moved out to the valley and he text me yesterday wondering how the hell it could be 103° outside and there be no sun.

It’s just Arizona, man.

Speaking of unrelenting, the offseason is unrelenting for the NFL and Arizona Cardinals.

All the stories are basically at a standstill while we wait for training camp to get going.

Until then, we’ll continue to have our nightly open thread.

Some of you use it, some of you have not. But it’ll be here for you.


Few housekeeping rules:

During this time, please no discussion of or references to politics or religion. We like everyone, please keep it that way.

Please keep the conversation as close to PG-13 as possible. The PG rule also extends to the posting of pictures and gifs. Any nudity (this includes photos with see through clothing) or anything else of an offensive nature is strictly prohibited and posting such may result in a warning.

Please keep your pics and GIFs to a reasonable number and a reasonable size as to not slow down the load time of the thread too much.

Have a great night, everyone.