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Arizona Cardinals GM Steve Keim pleaded guilty to extreme DUI

Keim had a blood alcohol content of over double the legal limit and has plead guilty to extreme DUI charges.

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at San Francisco 49ers Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The start of the 2018 NFL season cannot get here soon enough for the Arizona Cardinals.

Steve Keim was picked up on DUI charges on the Fourth of July and now we know the full details of the situation.

Steve Keim had a blood alcohol content of 0.193 according to court documents, over twice the legal Arizona limit, which means his DUI was not just a DUI, but an extreme DUI.

This is obviously not what anyone wanted to come out of the Keim DUI situation, as this generally consists of not only a fine of $2,500, but also up to 30 days in jail.

That brings the question back, should Keim face greater discipline from the Arizona Cardinals now?

If you were on the wait and see side of things, this is what you were hoping to avoid, an extreme DUI with likely jail time.

If you were on the don’t worry about it side, does this information change anything? Are you more concerned now than you were before, or does this get the one-off treatment and move on?

If you were on the fire side of things, well, this is the ammo to stand behind that sentiment.

What are your thoughts on Steve Keim as the GM now?