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Ricky Seals-Jones arrested over weekend according to report

The Arizona Cardinals tight end was arrested for trying to use a bathroom... No, really.

Los Angeles Rams v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The roller coaster offseason for the Arizona Cardinals continues.

The drop today was Steve Keim getting a five week suspension from the team, effective immediately from the team.

It was a result of Keim pleading guilty to extreme DUI charges, as he had a 0.193 BAC, over twice the legal limit.

However, the drop was much further today than first expected, as it is now being reported that Arizona Cardinals tight end Ricky Seals-Jones has been arrested.

That’s right, Seals-Jones was picked up on a number of charges this past weekend.

That means the news on the Arizona Cardinals for the last couple of weeks seems to be simply bad, lately.

However, if you read the report on the Seals-Jones incident, it seems like it could have been avoided:

"A police report of the incident said Seals-Jones was arrested after he attempted to use the restroom inside the W Hotel in Scottsdale."

"When hotel employees told him only guests were allowed inside at the time, Seals-Jones allegedly attempted to use the bathroom inside Sushi Roku, a restaurant inside the hotel, but was again denied entry."

"An employee told police that Seals-Jones then became combative and allegedly pushed him. The employee said “one hand shoved him in the shoulder area.'"

It seems like a silly situation that got a bit out of hand, but it is just another negative note in an offseason that hasn't exactly gone according to plan.