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Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes and additions for Revenge of the Birds

We have some exciting new additions for RotB.

Well, the plan was to introduce some of the new staff members yesterday, but the Cardinals and law enforcement had different plans.

So, today we make some announcements about the site.

First off, I wanted to thank any and everyone that applied for the positions Jeanna Thomas posted for Revenge of the Birds. I was actually floored by the number of applications.

We were gifted some assets by the SB Nation head council and we have used those, in my opinion, well for the 2018 season.

I wanted to introduce three of the additions and changes thus far.

First, Walter Mitchell has been added to the staff as the Deputy Manager and my right-hand man.

A fantastic writer and editor, I am excited to get things moving with Mitch09. We’ll be debuting a couple of new twists, including a weekly (maybe more) Facebook Live show.

Next up, you saw his debut article today, John Buckley is coming out as one of our longform writers. His piece on Slowing the Josh Rosen Hype train is what you can expect a couple of times a week from John, as he brings his own spin on the Arizona Cardinals to RotB.

Finally, the third addition and one of the key additions this offseason is that of Redbird Thunder becoming our community manager.

You know him from the boards, he is a diehard fan and now he is going to be part of the backbone of giving you, the readers, more of a voice.

That means, more FanPosts, which leads to promoted FanPosts and hopefully a larger platform for aspiring writers.

We have added some more talent as well and I look forward to introducing them over the next couple of weeks.