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Filed under:’s Adam Rank gives Five Reasons the Arizona Cardinals will make the playoffs in 2018

NFL: Arizona Cardinals Spring Practice The Republic-USA TODAY NETWORK

With the NFL season still two months away, the discussion of the playoffs seems... Forced.

However, when it comes to the Arizona Cardinals, after a deep playoff run in 2015, followed by the expectations and failures of 2016 and then the final act of the Bruce Arians era in 2017, the playoffs for the Cardinals has seemed to be off the table.

So, when Adam Rank of talked about five reasons the Arizona Cardinals will find their way back into the playoffs in 2018, you have to stand up and listen.

While I highly recommend watching the Tweet above, here were the five reasons Rank gave for the Cardinals making the playoffs.

  1. Larry Fitzgerald is still a game changer.

Can’t argue with that. Fitz isn’t a big play wide receiver, but he makes plenty of big and timely plays for the Cardinals.

2. David Johnson is back and ready to run wild

This is a pretty universal thought. The Cardinals have their best offensive player back, it should only help.

3. Sam Bradford and depth at quarterback

With Bradford onboard and the impending stardom, at least we all hope, of Josh Rosen, the Arizona Cardinals situation is better than expected.

4. Patrick Peterson and the defense

5. Reinvigorated by the coaching change

While Bruce Arians was loved, could his message have been stale?

Do you agree with Rank?