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How many yards will David Johnson gain this season?

How does the former All Pro finish the 2018 season?

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Seattle Seahawks Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

With the 2018 NFL Season right around the corner, 51 days, and training camp a mere week away, it is time to begin the predictions of the 2018 season.

In order to make it a little more fun, we will post our statistical predictions, give everyone a couple of days to answer, then at the end of the year, we can come back and take a look at who was the most accurate.

Let’s start with All Pro running back David Johnson, and then over the next several weeks, layout our predictions for the Arizona Cardinals individually on offense.

For Johnson, the question is not does he bounce back, but how close to 1,000/1,000 can he get under new offensive coordinator Mike McCoy?

Here is how I think David Johnson rebounds from his missed 2017:

  • 302 rushing attempts
  • 1,329 yards rushing
  • 12 touchdowns
  • 74 catches
  • 888 receiving yards
  • 6 receiving touchdowns

So, I have Johnson missing the 1k/1k mark, but have him improving in every category in 2018 except total touchdowns.

I think the lack of a second receiver and the emphasis on the run game give Johnson a great season.

What are your thoughts?