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David Johnson back in Arizona Cardinals camp with no new contract

The Arizona Cardinals running back is back in camp, despite not having a new contract in hand.

NFL: Arizona Cardinals-OTA The Republic-USA TODAY NETWORK

The NFL is a 24 hour 7 day a week business.

News comes out at the drop of a hat, moreover news is made when nothing is going on.

That’s what this is today.

On Twitter this morning, Arizona Cardinals running back David Johnson sent this tweet out:

What does it mean?

Well, the holdout is over and with no announcement yet, means he’ll be playing out his rookie deal heading into 2018.

That is the thing that makes the most sense, that Johnson knows being at day one of camp and going out and proving again his worth is the best way to go about getting the money he covets for the future.

He’s already back on the field with the team in fact:

This is the news the Cardinals and their fans were hoping for at worst, a motivated David Johnson is back in camp.

No, he doesn’t have the contract he was looking for, but he does have quite the chip on his shoulder looking to prove not only his worth, but that the Cardinals will pay even more than they would have this offseason.

At least, that’s how I’m going to take this.