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David Johnson and Le’Veon Bell are excited about Todd Gurley’s new contract

The running back market has been reset and that bodes well for the Arizona Cardinals running back.

NFL: New York Giants at Arizona Cardinals Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

When Adam Schefter tweeted out the sky high parameters of Todd Gurley’s new contract with the Los Angeles Rams, the exuberance from David Johnson and Le’Veon Bell could not be contained.

Both immediately tweeted out there congratualations immediately:

That is because the triumvirate have created a bond in seeking to destroy the previous understanding and expectations of running back contracts.

Gurley has done just that, and Bell and Johnson are set to enjoy the spoils soon as well.

While there is no guarantee a deal gets done in 2018 for either player, the 2019 offseason promises to be a prosperous one for each of the running backs.

Bell will be a free agent, the most decorated running back in football and 27 years old.

Meanwhile, whether the Cardinals extend DJ, franchise him or let him walk in free agency, the $1.8 million he is playing on in 2018 will be peanuts compared to the sum he will garner in 2019.

The change in running back salary may not be long term or permanent, but it surely will be felt by at least two more players in Bell and Johnson.