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Resetting the running back market in a big way

The Rams paid Todd Gurley and it completely changed the complexion of the running back market.

NFL: NFC Wild Card-Atlanta Falcons at Los Angeles Rams Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

When Adam Schefter announced the Rams and Todd Gurley coming to an agreement on a sizable contract extension, it created a wave of information on what the salary and guaranteed money means for the running back position.

Maybe nothing is more important than the stated guaranteed money in the deal, which is written as $45 million.

While there is always language that changes what that guaranteed money actually is, it is a massive departure from the previous high.

Friend of the program Justis Mosqueda had a great tweet highlighting what the Gurley contract has done:

The massive new guaranteed deal is important as it creates the market and sets a new value to the top running backs.

Previously, $45 million in practical guarantees was reserved for pass rushers, as well as top of the line cornerbacks and wide receivers.

For instance, Chandler Jones new deal with the Cardinals had $51 million in guarantees. Now, that’s a range running backs can reach, someone like Le'Veon Bell.

That's what this contract means for the NFL and for running backs.

The market has been reset for the top running backs... At least for now.