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Mike Mitchell coming in for visit and physical with Arizona Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals are bringing in a veteran safety for a look.

Carolina Panthers v Arizona Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals are now on Terry Time.

With GM Steve Keim on a 5-week sabbatical due to his extreme DUI, the Arizona Cardinals are relying on their strong personnel department to handle everything in his abscence.

That includes finding the yearly “Keim Time” signing just before or right after the start of training camp.

Well, it looks like they are on their way to that, as Walter Mitchell favorite, Mike Mitchell is on his way to Arizona for a visit with the team.

The 31 year old, nine year veteran safety is looking for one last stop on his career tour that has included time with the Oakland Raiders, a year with the Carolina Panthers and then four seasons with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Mitchell played 738 snaps for the Steelers in 2017, grading out with a 71.2 Pro Football Focus grade along the way, but it was characterized by some as his worst season with the team.

The biggest issue with Mitchell at this point is whether or not he can stay healthy for an entire season.

So, bringing in Mitchell to fill the role of Tyvon Branch and Budda Baker last year, a part time, close to full time player, may be a fit.

Only if he gets back to his 2016 form though, where he had a very solid season for the Steelers.