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Patrick Peterson very impressed with rookie quarterback Josh Rosen

The veteran cornerback was on the Rich Eisen show and had a lot of positive to say about rookie Josh Rosen.

NFL: Arizona Cardinals-OTA Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The offseason of Josh Rosen, before the likely season of Josh Rosen, continues to be the talk of the Arizona Cardinals.

On the Rich Eisen show, Patrick Peterson discussed this with... host Rich Eisen.

Eisen wanted to get the insight into what the veteran Pro Bowl corner thinks of the young quarterback.

It is a great interview, even if it is obvious what Patrick Peterson is going to say about Rosen.

The reason it is great to hear is the reasons Peterson is very impressed with the fact that Rosen was able to make make checks based on the defense and understood the alignments of a brand new offense.

That’s always been the thing with Rosen, he understands the game. He understands how to read defenses, how to put the offense in a position to be successful.

In fact, that was part of the “most pro ready” moniker people bestowed upon him, was the fact he knows the game.

Give it a listen and enjoy.