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Arizona Cardinals lining David Johnson out wide and giving additional chances to other RB's

The Cardinals offense will utilize David Johnson in a number of ways.

NFL: Arizona Cardinals-Training Camp Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

There was an interesting tweet that came out of practice two days ago.

It may have been a bit innocuous at the time, but it caught my eye.

The Arizona Cardinals obviously have a dynamic option at running back in David Johnson, but getting him into different positions is key to get him the ball in space.

Yet, the other question is, when that happens, who comes on the field at running back?

Through four training camp days the player who’s been that running back two has been… All of them.

We’ve seen Chase Edmonds, D.J. Foster and T.J. Logan in the position, getting an opportunity to be the running back who… well is the running back when they split David Johnson out wide.

It’s the new dynamic the Arizona Cardinals offense will offer, in having multiples.

That’s what the Cardinals offense wants to be this year. Multiple, diverse options that allow the Cardinals to have different looks on the field, but to also not tip off what they’re doing.

It is a key component to making sure not only is David Johnson healthy and having a big season, but also in getting the new players acclimated and involved early.

It’s the new way of offensive thinking for the Arizona Cardinals.