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Where were you when the Arizona Cardinals made the Super Bowl?

SB Nation wants to know, where were you at the most important moment in team history?

NFC Championship: Philadelphia Eagles v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

On January 18, 2009 the Arizona Cardinals played in their first NFC Championship game (as an AZ franchise).

The home tilt matched up the “worst team to ever make the playoffs,” in the Arizona Cardinals against the 9-6-1 Philadelphia Eagles.

The Cardinals had rode the arm of Kurt Warner and a masterclass performance from Larry Fitzgerald to this point, but they would need everything and everyone to finally breakthrough.

I was sitting at home, a 23 year old Cardinals fan, having suffered through a child hood of bad games at Sun Devil Stadium.

We had a bevy of family and friends over, we were ready for the worst, we are fans of Arizona sports after all.

We were a normal sized family at that point, two kids only, in a small house, but it was the first time the Cardinals had actually had a chance to do something special.

So, that meant everyone needed to be there.

We had roughly 30 people packed into our tiny living room, I splurged that weekend on a new TV, and we found a way to make it all fit.

It was a 2:06pm kickoff Arizona time and by the time Tim Hightower had scored the go ahead touchdown, it was well past 5pm. Three hours of complete agony, followed by two weeks of utter ecstasy.

It is still the single best moment I’ve felt as an Arizona Cardinals fan.

Watching Darnell Dockett recover the Brian Westbrook fumble on the Eagles last ditch effort to create a miracle.

Knowing, that for the first time, the Arizona Cardinals were going to the Super Bowl.

The question is... Where were you when they made it?