The Mike McCoy Offense and Versatility

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There are many dangers that befall signal callers when looking to establish the run. One of the most common ways to circumvent this is to vary your personnel alignment to keep the defense on their toes and exploit mismatches. While the looks Mike McCoy and any coordinator deploy in the preseason are vanilla and may not be wholly indicative of what we'll see once the rounds are live, it is safe to say we can expect personnel usage to carry over. Here are some ways Mike McCoy has utilized the versatility of the roster.



2nd and 8, and we have and empty gun formation in what would be the first pass of the game. Much has been made in how the WR depth chart will shake out. So one would think our first empty set would give us a tell. Do we see Kirk or Little take the field? Nope.

At the top of the screen you'll see Chase Edmonds line up in the left slot, with Ricky Seals-Jones at the bottom of the screen between Fitz and Williams. A fun look that opens up possibilities down the road, if you get the right look from the defense this opens up all sorts of possibilities. Motion Edmonds into the backfield with a light box? Throw the defense for a real loop and bring Edmonds and RSJ in for an I-Formation look? Hopefully this is something we see more of in the season.

Speaking of that "I" look...

Two plays later on the same drive, 1st and 6 we see a Singleback formation with two tight ends inline to the right. As Fitz motions near the line, RSJ scoots in from an inline blocker to a FB in an I formation look. I'm still not sold on RSJ's abilities as a blocker, but if he can become at least competent in these looks, I hope to see some fun Play Actions out of this formation.


For the second time we see an empty gun formation, this time we get Edmonds line up as an outside receiver at the top of the screen with RSJ inline.


Here's an interesting one, not much came of it (and not much might) but you'll notice Wetzel lined up to the left of Humphries - he was also reported as eligible. I'll let you imagine the possibilities.

And finally on the infamous body-surfing touchdown by Chase Edmonds, we see Derrick Coleman move inline left from the FB in the "I" along with Gabe Holmes moving over to help lead the way.



We all know David Johnson's ability as a receiver. (Right slot) Expect to see alot of these empty 11 personnel formations.

This time we see RSJ move from WR to the backfield for a nifty play action.


Another empty set, another RB (Edmonds) out wide.

Here Edmonds starts out wide in an empty set, motions into the backfield and... oof...


RSJ in a two back Gun formation. (Left of Rosen) He's going to play all over the formation. I'm not a betting man, but if there's a prop bet for RSJ getting a rush attempt...


Vollert gets a backfield look in the gun before Rosen audibles him into pass pro.

What might be most intriguing would be what we haven't seen so far. How will McCoy deploy DJ and Edmonds on the field at the same time? What happens when you throw RSJ into that mix? All three are capable of taking advantage of the right coverage mismatch. Could we see Kirk take snaps at RB much like what Green Bay has done with Randall Cobb? (A player he has been oft compared to.) I'm excited to see all the possible combinations play out.

So there you have it. Through what has only been two preseason games, McCoy has showcased a fair amount of moving parts within his offense. I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I did cutting it up.

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