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No announcement on Steve Keim’s return to team as 5-week suspension ends

The Arizona Cardinals GM has served his five weeks, but we have not heard anything on a return.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

That was quick.

It seemed like only yesterday the news broke about the findings of the blood alcohol content of Steve Keim’s blood test and that the Arizona Cardinals were going to be suspending their GM for the next five weeks.

Well, five weeks is quick when you are in the NFL training camp and preseason portion of things and the Cardinals continued to churn their roster, bringing in Tre Boston and bringing back Cap Capi amid a number of signings the team has made over the last five weeks.

The question now is, when will Keim be back?

The Cardinals and Keim understand the seriousness of his DUI conviction. They also know that Keim may need more time away to make sure that something like this doesn’t happen again.

That is the biggest thing, like players coming back from an injury, Keim needs to look at the bigger picture, which is more than football.

He has time to make sure he finishes whatever program he is in and comes back refreshed for another run with the Arizona Cardinals.

When that is, we may not know until it happens, and that is okay.