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Josh Rosen banged up hand, plans to still play against Dallas Cowboys

The Arizona Cardinals rookie quarterback was out of practice on Monday.

Arizona Cardinals v New Orleans Saints Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images

The beauty of closed practices for the NFL is that they are able to put off giving out too much information until it is really necessary.

That is also one of the problems with it for fans and the media.

On Monday in practice, rookie quarterback Josh Rosen hit his hand on a defensive players helmet and sounds like jammed his thumb.

While the Cardinasl still plan and hope to play Rosen, Coach Steve Wilks also noted, it is something they are waiting to see on:

You can never get enough reps, especially when you start talking about a young rookie quarterback,” Wilks said. “It’s day-to-day, and hopefully he’s ready to go this weekend, because those reps are valuable.”

That is the reality of the situation, while they intend for Rosen to play in his third and likely last preseason game of 2018, they won’t know until... well they know.

Swelling on a thumb can subside in days or it can take longer.

Rosen is unlikely to see time in the fourth preseason game, but if he misses the third preseason game, maybe that changes things a little bit.

That’s the thing, the reps are invaluable, they are also crucial, as Rosen needs as much time with the first and second team as he can get before the regular season. He is the primary backup to an injury plagued quarterback, and while Sam Bradford has been nails through two short stints in the preseason, he is still a guy who is at best fragile.

Hopefully it is nothing and Rosen is ready to go on Sunday Night Football, in his first prime time exposure in the NFL.