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Arizona Cardinals Super Bowl 53 odds worst in NFL

The Cardinals join the Bills and Dolphins with the worst odds in the NFL to make the Super Bowl.

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Miami Dolphins Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

When the offseason started the Arizona Cardinals had some of the worst odds in the NFL to make the Super Bowl 53 starting at 66/1, lowest in the NFL alongside the Cleveland Browns and Buffalo Bills.

After the draft, despite grabbing Josh Rosen, the Cardinals found their odds even lower, dropping to 80/1, but were in front of teams like the Chicago Bears, Cincinnati Bengals, Miami Dolphins and of course the Browns and Bills.

Now, before the season has started, the Arizona Cardinals find themselves again with the lowest odds in the NFL to make Super Bowl 53, this time alongside the Bills and Dolphins.

The Cardinals odds are down to 150/1, which is quite interesting when you see what the Cardinals have done through training camp and the preseason.

They have not looked overmatched in either of their first two preseason games.

They have not, knock on wood, sustained any significant season ending injuries and they seem to be further ahead offensively than expected.

So, is it the team, the division or the conference that has the Cardinals so low?

What are your thoughts?