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To Play or Not To Play (that is the question)

Perhaps the main story line heading into the Cardinals final pre-season game at home versus the Broncos is Steve Wilks’ uncertainty over whether he will play 1st round draft pick QB Josh Rosen.

Rosen sat out last week’s nationally televised game versus the Cowboys due to a thumb injury he incurred in practice when he banged his thumb on a helmet.

To date, Rosen has only thrown 29 passes in two contests. Rosen said yesterday that his thumb is fine and he is raring to go. He has also indicated that he wants to get as many reps as he can because he is still experiencing what he calls “a little hesitation in the pocket.” “That’s why I am trying to convince coach to let me play.”

Like a modern day Hamlet, Steve Wilks is now faced with what appears to be an irreconcilable dilemma. On the one hand, the coach would like to see his young QBOF and current QB2 get as many reps as possible so that he can come into the season feeling well prepped.

On the other hand, the coach is concerned about Rosen re-injuring his thumb and the last time Rosen played behind the second string line, he was getting swarmed like a wildebeest surrounded by cheetahs. Willks said, “I don’t want Josh to lose the timing” that he showed while playing with the ones versus the Saints.

In your opinion, is Steve Wilks over-thinking this too much, like a father who for the first time has to decide whether to give his son permission to go with his friends to a rock concert?

Or—-is Steve Wilks rightfully erring on the side of caution in an effort to protect his young, budding talent from the throes of the typical second string chaos of the 4th pre-season game?

Building confidence can be a tricky thing—-it often comes down to how well a coach and a player manage the risks.

I would imagine that it all boils down to this: the friends he’s going to concert with. Can they be trusted?

The second string offensive line has made strides since Rosen’s debut behind them in game one. Evan Boehm has settled down the center position. The guards, Daniel Munyer and Josh Allen, helped to provide the only offensive touchdown the Cardinals scored last week on T.J. Logan’s breathtaking 59 yard dash. And the tackles, John Wetzel and Will Holden are starting to get in a 4th game groove.

Rosen has been generating a good chemistry with WR Christian Kirk—-so why not play Kirk at one WR and Chad Williams at the other, and shuffle in Brice Butler, Greg Little and Trent Sherfield—-TE Ricky Seals-Jones could use more reps and Rosen would have TE Andrew Vollert (6 catches thus far) in the wings—-RBs Chase Edmonds and T.J. Logan could look to pick up where they left off versus the Cowboys—-and Mike McCoy could ensure that FB Elijhaa Penny could serve as Rosen’s extra protector on sure passing downs.

You know—-the reward could be high if Rosen could do something the Cardinals’ QB have not done consistently well this pre-season—showcase the talent at WR.

What do you say coach?

Do you approve of the company?

Or not.