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Cards Camp 2018: 3 notes from Arizona Cardinals Monday training camp

A look at what happened at training camp on Monday for the Arizona Cardinals.

NFL: Arizona Cardinals-Training Camp Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Monday afternoon the Arizona Cardinals held another training camp practice, knowing that they were going to be without the anchor of their offensive line, A.Q. Shipley.

For the Cardinals, the coverage yesterday was a little light, but there was still plenty to draw from the day, here are three notes from yesterday.

  1. Veterans day off is still a thing

We are seeing quite the change in camp from the previous regime, but certain players are still getting their rest. Larry Fitzgerald doesn’t need much work, he’s found a way to put together a Hall of Fame career with less at quarterback than maybe anyone. However, the Cardinals are clearly taking it easy with Sam Bradford’s knee.

Seeing Mike Iupati sit out makes sense as well, coming off a serious injury, older player who the Cardinals are really relying on.

2. Robert Nkemdiche is going to be a star this year

The Arizona Cardinals desperately need Nkemdiche to be a thing and so far in camp, he has consistently made others look bad.

They are playing him at the position he was made for and it is showing so far in camp.

3. Josh Rosen continues to look comfortable

While it seems like Sam Bradford has the starting position on lock, the progression of Rosen each and every practice is a site to behold.

More than that, when Bradford has been out, it's Rosen who is getting all the first team reps.

That's all from Monday's camp, hope you enjoy the day.