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Cards Camp 2018: 3 notes from Wednesday’s Arizona Cardinals training camp

If you missed anything from Wednesday’s camp, here are some nuggets of information.

NFL: Pro Football Hall of Fame-Enshrinement Ceremony Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals are closing in on game one of the preseason and the information is coming in at a breakneck pace.

They had one of their last open practices today and here was some of the information that came out of it.

NFL Network was onsite, so check out the clips at

Kurt Warner was one of the crew on hand today. His opinion is one to listen to when it comes to quarterbacks and he’s definitely going to have a take on Josh Rosen, more so than that of Sam Bradford.

The Diche is back, but Josh Bynes sits

There was a bit of concern yesterday when Robert Nkemdiche sat out practice, but the reality is this is a much more physical Cards Camp than we have seen in the last five seasons.

That means rest days for players as much as veteran’s days off. They need to keep key players fresh, and Nkemdiche has been one of the most dominant players in camp. He took a day off, did some cardio and is back the next day.

In the same way, we see Josh Bynes get a day off to recover from the brutality that has been Cards Camp 2018.

Josh Rosen is going to be good

All camp all we have heard from players, media and fans has been how good Josh Rosen looks.

Moreover, all we have heard from inside the facility is how good and how smart Josh Rosen is.

Rosen is going to be special, even if it’s not in 2018.

Bonus Note:

Kurt Warner, still a Cardinals fan.