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Bird Droppings: Arizona Cardinals respond to opening day boos, keeping options open at LB, happy with WR’s and more

A look around the web at the Arizona Cardinals.

Washington Redskins v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Happy Tuesday one and all, hope your week is going well.

The Monday Night Football double header went the opposite of what we expected. The first game was a blowout, snoozer, while the second game gave us a good look at the Rams, while showing us the Raiders aren’t back.

Now, we begin to wrap up the Redskins loss and get ready to focus on this ferocious Rams defense who will open up their home season against the Cardinals.

Let’s get all the news from around the web on the Arizona Cardinals.

Cardinals Won't Just Take Passing Glance At Problems
Wilks confident offense -- and defense -- will rebound going forward

Peterson - 'Too Many Missed Tackles'
CB Patrick Peterson meets the media in the locker room following the Cardinals' loss in the season opener.

Wilks - 'Put It Behind Us'
Head coach Steve Wilks meets the media on Monday after reviewing the tape from Sunday's 24-6 loss.

Lack of offensive rhythm left Sam Bradford out of sorts in loss - Arizona Cardinals Blog- ESPN
The Sam Bradford we saw against the Redskins wasn't the one players gushed about all summer or the one we saw in the preseason.

Carson Palmer on Cardinals' opener: 'Give them some time'
Former Arizona Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer doesn't think there's reason to panic after watching his old team lose to the Washington Redskins.

Cardinals focus on the gaps; Wilks remains confident in young WRs
The Arizona Cardinals are filling in the gaps of their defense by, well, fixing their gap integrity. That, plus coach Steve Wilks doesn't put blame on his young receivers.

Cardinals vs. Redskins results: 4 positive player performances for AZ
Not everything about the game was a negative for the Cardinals.

Cardinals vs. Redskins results: 5 disappointing AZ player performances
Which players had a bad start to the 2018 season?

WATCH: Larry Fitzgerald makes 27-yard leaping catch in Week 1
His catch might have been the play of the game.

Arizona Cardinals take responsibility for fans booing them
They vow to play better when they come back in Week 3.

Severity of AZ Cardinals RT Andre Smith’s elbow injury still unknown
The team was awaiting the results of an MRI Monday.

WATCH: David Johnson’s Week 1 highlights in return from injury
He didn't get too many touches, but he had a few good plays in Arizona's season-opening loss.

Arizona Cardinals little good, a lot of ugly vs Redskins
The Arizona Cardinals are going to have to regroup after an embarrassing loss at home to open the season against the Washington Redskins

Johnson not to blame for Arizona Cardinals loss
Arizona Cardinals running back David Johnson did what a leader does, takes responsibility for a loss, however there was plenty of other blame to go around

Expectations for Arizona Cardinals plummet following defeat
Any positive vibes that were surrounding the Arizona Cardinals have gone out the window following their opening-day defeat