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Arizona Cardinals opened as 10-point underdogs, now up to 12.5 points according to Las Vegas

The Cardinals opened as huge underdogs and the spread has gotten even bigger.

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Everyone expected this to be a rough week for the Arizona Cardinals and it showed with the Vegas books.

The Cardinals opened as 10-point underdogs to the Los Angeles Rams.

Well, after one week in the NFL season, and a bad performance from the Cardinals, coupled with a complete demolition in the second half of the Raiders by the Rams and now the Cardinals sit at 12.5 point underdogs on most sites, and as high as 14-point dogs on some sites.

That’s what happens in the NFL.

Lines are set pretty conservatively in week one and then when Vegas feels like they get to know teams a little bit, they are a little more aggressive with their lines in the oncoming weeks.

Well many feel, myself included, like we did not learn much about the Cardinals in week one, the sharps (betting experts) feel like we have more than enough information to know that a 10-point opening line is an easy bet to win. That’s why money is going so heavily early on the Rams to not only win, but cover a two score spread.

Now, we are seeing sites like 5 Dimes and Sport Bet have the spread as high as 14-points.

The money is on the Rams early, and I am not entirely sure I disagree.