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Notes from the Enemy: Looking at the Los Angeles Rams with Turf Show Times

A look at the Rams with SB Nation.

Los Angeles Rams v Oakland Raiders Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Happy Friday one and all.

The Arizona Cardinals take on the Los Angeles Rams this Sunday and that means we need a little bit closer of a look at the Rams, and we do that with the help of Turf Show Times, the SB Nation Rams affiliate.

The Rams are coming off a game that saw them tied with the Oakland Raiders at halftime, then blowing them completely out in the second half and looking like the team that is a Super Bowl favorite.

Do the Cardinals have a chance?

Let’s take a look at some notes from Turf Show Times.

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So many emotions were felt by LA Rams fans during the first half of the Monday Night Football matchup with the Oakland Raiders. But is everything fine given what happened in the second half?

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After a rough first half, the entire team turned it around and began to simply dominate. Who makes the cut? Find out below.

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How did the Rams upcoming opponents perform in week 1?

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For many teams, the quarterback is the epicenter of the team. For the Rams though, Misone Adiasor wonders if it’s the reigning offensive player of the year....

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The Rams ended up winning their opener by 20 points. What did the Rams do that was expected?

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Happy to come out of the Black Hole with a win.

Film review: Raiders QB Derek Carr’s disastrous second half - Turf Show Times
Carr’s biggest adversary in the first half was the Rams’ defense. In the second half, he was playing against himself.

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With injuries to Pharoh Cooper and Mike Thomas, the LA Rams have reached a point of no return. Who will be the next man up?