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Pep Talk for the Rams

NFL: Denver Broncos at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

OK, men, bring it in and take a knee.

I want you to listen to me—-and listen to me very carefully.

Certain games can define a team and define a season.

THIS is OUR game.

No other game matters. This is the one that matters.

THIS is our opportunity to reclaim the top of the NFC West.

We win the West and we are home for the playoffs.

Home is where we want to be.

Step one of making THIS happen begins right here, right now—-

Not tomorrow—-not in two weeks—-not a month from now—-


Everybody’s already crowning the Rams—-

Everybody thinks the we—-the Cardinals—-have no freaking chance—-

But, you see, there’s this little thing called carpe diem—-that’s right—-

Like the poet says, “Gather ye rosebuds while ye may”—-

Well, we are in the land of the roses—-and we have THIS DAY—-

So what is it going to take?

Larry—-what is it going to take to bring these roses home?

Larry Fitzgerald—-”Brotherhood.”

Did you hear THAT?

Say it again, number 11.

Larry Fitzgerald—-”BROTHERHOOD.”

Let’s say it together:




But—-at the end of the day—-what does brotherhood mean?

Think about it—-brotherhood—-what does it mean?

Larry Fitzgerald: “It means side by side, snap by snap, we never back down.”

Larry Fitzgerald: “It means looking in the mirror at the end of the day and knowing you did everything you could for your brothers. It’s the pride in knowing you had their backs and they had yours. It ultimately means striving for something larger and more meaningful than yourself.”

That’s right! Isn’t that’s the whole point of playing this game we love?

When you look in the mirror after this game—-what will you see? Who will you see?

Will you see a champ—-or a chump?

Will you see a contender—-or a pretender?

Will you see a brother—-or an only child?

Well there’s a world out there and a team called the Rams who thinks we are a bunch of chumps and pretenders.

You’ve heard it. Even our own media thinks we are going to get our butts whipped today.

But what no one knows yet—-is the strength of THIS brotherhood.

We have been training together—-lifting together—-eating together—-dreaming together—-breaking down galleries of film together—-running together—-hitting together—-sweating our asses off together—-and WE HAVE BEEN building THIS brotherhood rep by rep—-that’s RIGHT—-REP BY REP.

We all know enough about this game we love to know that—-stronger brotherhoods prevail. Talent on paper is one thing—-but BROTHERHOODS change EVERYTHING.

Look at your brother kneeling next to you—-look him in the eyes—-are you going to fight your ass off for your brother? Or—-are you going to let him take on THIS fight alone?

THAT’s who we do THIS for—-your BROTHERS—-OUR BROTHERS.

God and fortune and fate has brought OUR band of brothers together—-

It’s OUR job to go out there and show the world how grateful we are for each other—-

It’s OUR job to grasp this moment and seize the day—-

It’s OUR job to pluck these roses while we may—-

And these roses are ripe, baby. Red and ripe—-and yeah the thorns may cut and bleed a little, but when we have them in our arms no one can take them away from us—-EVER.

THIS is OUR day and these are OUR roses—-

Every BROTHER in here needs to be a BROTHER TODAY—-

Every CARDINAL needs to be a CARDINAL TODAY—-

What’s it going to take, Larry?


What’s it going to take Cardinals?


Now—-let’s go pluck those glorious red roses ONE BY ONE! LET’S GO! GOD HELP US—-WE ARE GOING TO BE A BAD-ASS BAND OF BROTHERS TODAY!

Everybody get a hand in here—-on three—-BROTHERHOOD!

Larry—-hit it—-

Larry Fitzgerald—-”Let’s go my brothers—-side by side—-snap by snap—-WE get THIS done TODAY! One—-Two—-Three:”