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NFL Week two Arizona Cardinals vs Los Angeles Rams fantasy projections

Which fantasy studs and duds will come out of today’s game?

NFL: Washington Redskins at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Rams went and blew out the Raiders last week in their Monday night opener while the Cardinals did the opposite.

What fantasy players should you start and sit this week?

Find out below:

Start of the Week: Todd Gurley, RB, Rams

Normally you’d pick Larry Fitzgerald (more on that below) as a fantasy star, but with the Sam Bradford struggles and the fact that the Cardinals defense got gashed on the ground last week, Gurley could be in for a big, big week against a defense that didn’t set the edge and had poor play from its linebackers.

Until Haason Reddick can see the field, the fact that Budda Baker will effectively be a linebacker limits his effectiveness and Tre Boston isn’t able to do his job as well as a center fielder by having to be in constant run support.

So expect the Rams rushing attack to get going in a hurry on the road.

Prediction: 131 yards, 21 receiving, 2 TD’s

Cardinals Start: Larry Fitzgerald, WR

With his late touchdown being the only saving grace for David Johnson last week, Larry Fitzgerald might be the only reliable option in fantasy for the Cardinals right now. He’s an every-week start, sure, but the stats on him against the Rams are amazing over his career.

18 Touchdowns

176 catches

Over 2,000 yards (he basically averages over 70 yards a game and under a TD against their secondary)

Expect a solid game from Fitzgerald even if Bradford’s struggles compound themselves against the Rams defensive line.

Prediction: 6 catches for 85 yards, 1 TD

Rams Start: Brandin Cooks, WR

Cooks is a guy who really flourishes against slower cornerbacks. That’s not Patrick Peterson. However, in the new scheme underneath Steve Wilks, Peterson isn’t just lined up on the top receiver anymore and will be playing some zone. That favors a guy like Cooks a lot.

Prediction: 8 catches, 108 yards, 1 TD

Cardinals Sit: Ricky Seals-Jones, TE

Watch this game with Arizona’s poor linebackers be the game he goes off on, right?

Well, while that could be the case, Seals-Jones has been lined up outside more often than not so far this season and has had a bad case of the drops. I’d expect a safety to get matched up on him and since his best plays come further down the field on post routes, it doesn’t favor Bradford dinking and dunking. Maybe the volume helps but I’m projecting a less than favorable outcome, and think that if there’s a touchdown to be had it’ll be going to Fitz or David Johnson instead.

Projection: 3 catches for 37 yards

Rams Sit: Robert Woods, WR

Kupp might be matched up with Budda Baker in the slot, but given how he’s one of Goff’s favorite targets and how much Arizona will be in nickel, I wouldn’t be surprised if he feasts by getting matched up on a linebacker.

However, I think that given that Arizona’s going to be more stingy with Woods as he’ll probably draw some of Patrick Peterson, and unlike Cooks he’s not a burner who can get by Jamar Taylor, who’s played well with Arizona. I’d lean to another option over Woods this week.

Prediction: 2 catches for 24 yards

Sleeper: Christian Kirk, WR

Again, Kirk had a nice punt return and I’d expect that he makes a few plays in the passing game this week as the Rams might move to put Marcus Peters on Larry Fitzgerald (last week Wade Phillips moved Peters to cover Jared Cook when he was burning them) which means that Talib will likely be outside.

If Kirk ends up in the right spot he might get loose for a long catch or two, and his target on the two-point conversion against Washington shows that he is definitely a guy they will look to in the redzone.

The other sleeper to look at shouldn’t be a sleeper by now, but Cooper Kupp might have a big game if he ends up matched up against an AZ linebacker more often than not. He’ll definitely get a TD this week if the Rams can blow the game wide open.

Prediction: 46 return yards, 42 yards on 3 catches, 1 TD.