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What Every Arizona Cardinals Fan Wants To Hear

After getting eviscerated in their season opener and first road game, where does this team go moving forward?

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Los Angeles Rams Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

There’s so many things that Arizona Cardinals fans brought into this 2018 season:





Fans knew that there was going to be growing pains and offensive and defensive issues to begin the year.

But fans didn’t expect this.

So far through two games the Cardinals offense has generated 350 total yards of offense, one touchdown, no passing touchdowns, 17 first downs and has looked like they have no ability to move the ball or score.


On the other side of the ball, the defense has given up 51 points, 50 first downs, 811 yards of offense. 23 first downs for the Rams today.

As for the offensive side of the ball?

They had only 100 total yards of offense today and Larry Fitzgerald was benched in order to save his body in a meaningless blowout.

The special teams has been the strongest part of the team and they still have had only one big return and gave up two to the Rams today.

So what do fans want to hear?

They don’t want to hear the typical “We’ll get it fixed, players need to execute, I’m putting this loss on myself.”

Fans want to know that change will happen, and they need to see it.

Most fans have already given up on Mike McCoy, and some have already given up on Steve Wilks and it’s only been two games.

You now have 1/8th of the season done and it’s no longer a one game “fluke” but rather fans are starting to accept that this is who the Cardinals are.

And what’s shocking isn’t even how poorly the offense is but rather how bad the defense has showed up so far. It’s been putrid and while the offense hasn’t been good at all the expectations for this team were higher than being, currently the 2nd worst team in the entire NFL.

So what do fans want to hear?

They don’t want to hear anything but an apology from the head coach and perhaps even from the General Manager who assembled their team and selected this coaching staff. Because there’s really nothing so far that anyone can hang their hat on.

At it’s core, they’ve been out coached.

It’s not just fans saying it. The Arizona media ripped the team and especially the playcalling and how the defense was.

And that’s the scariest thing of all for fans. Fans don’t want to hear “this is a lost season.” Fans don’t want to hear “Same Old Cardinals” or people saying things like “The Skelton years were more competitive”.

Fans don’t want to hear “Well, at this point, can things get worse?”

Well, yes, of course they can.

The Cardinals face Khalil Mack next week followed by the onslaught of Russell Wilson and Jimmy Garoppolo and if Sam Bradford is still starting, I wonder if fans will feel that they are entering into a contest the Cardinals stand no chance of winning.

Fans want to hear who’s at fault and it’s hard to figure out if it’s the coaching, the players but there’s really no doubt that through two weeks, they’ve been overmatched.

And now not just players, but the coaching staff will be faced with adversity they never expected and having a leash.

So, what do fans want to hear? Not “Deja vu, same issues as last week.”

No, they want to see the head coach fall on his sword and start making large wide-scale changes to try and compete or they will lose hope quickly in the staff to make adjustments and coach them up to play winning football.

What do Cardinals fans want to hear?

“Mike McCoy will be evaluated.” Because if you see the same offensive struggles, even with a different quarterback, there’s only one person to blame. And after a poor season in Denver that has gone worse somehow in Arizona, in a predictable scheme there’s very little loyalty that fans have to a coach that seems to shrink the field in a season where a second year quarterback that the team passed on in Patrick Mahomes torched the Steelers for 6 touchdowns in what’s essentially the pro version of a college offense.

And it’s not like you don’t have a backup plan for your offensive coordinator waiting in the wings held over from the Arians era in Byron Leftwich.

Fans want to hear nothing more than two words.

Josh. Rosen.

At this point, fans want to be entertained and to compete in games and while that might not happen immediately with Rosen, if this type of pain continues for fans, they’ll tune out and lose the headway that the team has made.

Fans have decided they demand and want more. They’ve come to expect more and the Arizona Cardinals organization has promised to give it to them.

And they’ve rewarded the fans’ trust after losing Bruce Arians and Carson Palmer by showcasing a team that is a terrible fit with their current personnel.

And something has to give.

Fans want to hear Steve Wilks and Mike McCoy say: “We were wrong about Sam Bradford.”

It starts with recognizing that they can’t move the football with Sam Bradford, and even if they can’t with Josh Rosen, he can learn and give fans hope for the rest of this season.

Because at 0-2, we all know the stat that 90% of teams that start 0-2 don’t make the postseason. You start out 0-3 and fans will not care on Sundays and that sellout streak, cheering fans will turn to jeering fans and people’s livelihood is on the line.

So start Josh Rosen, Cardinals.

At this point, you’re on a one-way trip to the bottom of the NFL, might as well see if you can make any sort of spark in the middle of this storm.