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Arizona Cardinals among favorites to land Antonio Brown if Pittsburgh wants to trade him

The Steelers have another disgruntled superstar, and for some reason the Arizona Cardinals are mentioned as a destination.

Arizona Cardinals v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

The NFL is such a weird place.

On Monday, in a brief exchange on Twitter between a fan and Antonio Brown of the Pittsburgh Steelers, Brown spoke out at a comment that suggested he is a product of Ben Roethlisberger.

The response seemed innocuous at the time, but on Tuesday, things got weird as Brown did not show up to practice, with no explanation to his team, the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Now, the books are getting involved, which is something:, one of the world’s largest onlines sportsbooks, just released odds on where Brown might end up. The Cleveland Browns and Arizona Cardinals are the frontrunners to trade for Brown, according to oddsmakers.

Wait... What?

First, how is Brown even available, second, the Browns and the Cardinals are the favorites to get him?


Cleveland Browns +1000

Arizona Cardinals +1000

Philadelphia Eagles +1600

Tennessee Titans +1600

Indianapolis Colts +2000

Oakland Raiders +2000

San Francisco 49ers +2800

Pittsburgh Steelers -2000

Field - Any Other Team +1200

Obviously the Steelers are the odds on favorites, and the Steelers trading Brown seems implausible, but I cannot comprehend where or how these odds came about.

Yet, here it is, the Cardinals are a favorite to have Antonio Brown on their team?