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Arizona Cardinals fans confidence in their team is gone

The fans were confident before the season started, and now they are ready to jump ship.

New Orleans Saints v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

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The 2018 NFL season started with such hope for the Arizona Cardinals and their fans.

Through the retirement of Bruce Arians and Carson Palmer, the hiring of Steve Wilks, signing of Sam Bradford and the drafting of Josh Rosen, the confidence in the Arizona Cardinals was undoubtedly high.

And now, through two games, the teams play has broken the fans.

The season started with a 93% confidence in the direction of the team.

After a single game, the fanbase was without a doubt concerned, but maybe a tad overreactive, in dropping their confidence to 33% in the direction of the team.

After two games and roughly 50,000 comments lamenting the play of the Arizona Cardinals to being 2018, the confidence in the direction of the team is gone.

Only 3% of fans feel confident in the organization and the direction they are headed.

The confidence has fallen 90% in two games.

Can it get worse? It does not feel like it, but we know it always can.