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Arizona Cardinals bench Sam Bradford, bring in Josh Rosen late in fourth quarter, but fall 16-14 to Chicago Bears

The Cardinals finally pulled the trigger and benched Sam Bradford late in the fourth quarter.

Washington Redskins v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The Arizona Cardinals waited until they were down by two points with only 4:31 left in the game and brought in their first round pick, Josh Rosen for Sam Bradford.

That was after a fast start by the Arizona Cardinals, who went 75-yards in five plays for their first passing touchdown of the season, a 35-yard touchdown throw from Sam Bradford to Ricky Seals-Jones.

Then, after a Chicago Bears missed field goal, a Cardinals three and out punt, the Arizona Cardinals defense pounced, as Robert Nkemdiche had a strip sack that Corey Peters recovered, and on the first play Bradford hit David Johnson on a 21-yard pass that would put the Cardinals up 14-0.

That was basically the offense for the Arizona Cardinals.

Bradford would be intercepted twice, the Bears would take advantage scoring a touchdown and kicking a field goal to get the Bears within 14-13.

Then, on the first real success since the first quarter, Bradford tried to scramble 2-8 from the Bears 20, and was hit by Khalil Mack, who caused a fumble that the Bears would recover.

It was over at that point.

The Bears rode a conservative drive, including a bone headed Tre Boston penalty, down into field goal range, and hit a 43-yard field goal to give them a 16-14 lead.

Apparently, that is when the Cardinals and head coach Steve Wilks thought it was a good time to insert rookie Josh Rosen.

It ended predictably, as the Cardinals on 4-5, after a nice 30-yard drive from Rosen, threw an interception.

While Rosen tried to force a pass that he’ll have to learn to move off of, the play before was what cost the Arizona Cardinals the game, and should ultimately cost Mike McCoy his job.

On third down and two, after the two-minute warning, McCoy called a counter play to Chase Edmonds, with David Johnson not on the field.

It resulted in a three yard loss and the Cardinals would have that unfortunate decision from Rosen there.

The Cardinals would get the ball back, but with no timeouts and only 38 seconds left in the game, the Cardinals would come up a little short.

It should be the Josh Rosen show moving forward after Bradford’s play the first three weeks, but it has been hard to figure out things with this coaching staff through the start of the season.