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The Arizona Cardinals coaching staff are the only losers from their 16-14 loss to the Bears

The Cardinals coaching staff made some head scratching maneuvers and it may have cost them the game.

NFL: Arizona Cardinals-Training Camp Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals sit at 0-3 after their 16-14 defeat to the Chicago Bears.

It was a completely predictable result based on what Sam Bradford and the offense had shown through two games.

Despite jumping out to an early 14-0 lead in the first quarter over the Bears, the Cardinals offense was mostly stagnant.

It seemed like the time was ripe after the first half to make the move to Josh Rosen, but it was the first signs of any offensive success, the 14 points, for the Cardinals in 2018, so not making the move was fine.

Well, the offense continued to put the defense in bad positions and eventually, it caught up to them.

After the third Sam Bradford turnover, the Bears held a 16-14 lead.

It seemed hopeless.

And, maybe that’s because with this coaching staff of the Arizona Cardinals, it is.

This is not to say Steve Wilks and Al Holcomb cannot grow into their respective positions. We saw massive improvements defensively today, with Robert Nkemdiche continuing to grow into the player they drafted in the first round.

However, with the defense, the continued play of Gerald Hodges and Tre Boston over their young linebackers in Haason Reddick and Deone Bucannon, brings to surface their decision making. It also brings up whether or not this is the staff to coach up young players at linebacker such as Bucannon and Reddick, or whether or not the Cardinals will be drafting another linebacker prospect early.

The other question you have for Wilks is... why then and there for Josh Rosen?

Sure Sam Bradford is not going to win you that game, but putting Rosen in at that juncture seems like an impossible situation for a rookie to get his first live NFL action. Of course, Wilks, like the rest of us had seen enough of Bradford at that point, but with four minutes to go, it just didn’t make much sense.

The one indefensible coaching decision and person who doesn’t need to be in this coaching staff any longer is Mike McCoy.

McCoy’s lack of ability as a play caller has been discussed more than anything non-Sam Bradford related on this site, and it reared its ugly head again in the Cardinals loss to the Bears.

However, it was his decision to leave David Johnson on the sidelines, and go with running back Chase Edmonds on the pivotal third and two play coming off the two minute warning.

It went for a three yard loss and of course Rosen would throw an interception on the next play and it was academic after that.

The call to Edmonds is what it is, the execution was poor from the offensive line.

However, not having Johnson on the field, to be something the Bears have to think about, is what is completely inexcusable and in the end should be one of the last decisions McCoy gets to make in Arizona.

Call it an overreaction, but McCoy should not have much to do with Rosen’s development and he should be gone moving forward.

I’m not ready to call it on Steve Wilks, but the longer McCoy is on the staff, the harder it will be to defend him.