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Chase Edmonds deserved opportunity, but David Johnson should have been on the field

The play was not the issue, the personnel on the field was.

Washington Redskins v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Who knows how this plays out over the course of a season, over the course of a coaching career, a player’s career or anything.

Hell, this could be a speed bump on the path to the Hall of Fame for Chase Edmonds.

Yet, the second guessing was immediate and just.

With the Arizona Cardinals driving, coming out of the two minute warning, with the season in the balance, Josh Rosen getting his first work in the NFL regular season, and third and two, the Cardinals Mike McCoy dialed up a counter run to left side of the line, with Justin Pugh and Ricky Seals-Jones pulling and Chase Edmonds in the backfield.

It was the moment and the Cardinals new $39 million man was on the bench.

It doesn’t mean that Chase Edmonds getting the ball was the wrong play, but David Johnson not being on the field shows the shortsightedness of McCoy and the fact he does not understand the new NFL.

Just because you want to call a play for one playmaker doesn’t mean you have the other off the field.

Putting Chase Edmonds in a situation like that is not a bad decision, in fact, it is something we saw last season with the New Orleans Saints and Alvin Kamara.

The issue was more, the Saints wanted to have Kamara and Ingram on te field to make defenses account for both of them. McCoy has done that zero times on the season. Not once.

His inability to deploy an attack in the modern NFL, with multiple players that can do similar things. Instead, McCoy puts Edmonds in a place to win the game, while sitting his best player, not even using him as a decoy.

Johnson and Edmonds can coexist, maybe McCoy can figure that out as well.