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The Rosen era is upon us: Arizona Cardinals announce Josh Rosen as starting quarterback

The Arizona Cardinals wasted little time to announce that Josh Rosen is now the teams starting quarterback.

NFL: Chicago Bears at Arizona Cardinals Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals and Steve Wilks did not need much time to break down the game film to make a decision.

A day after the Arizona Cardinals latest loss, this time a 16-14 defeat at the hands of the Chicago Bears, the staff has decided it is time for Josh Rosen to take over.

Rosen was inserted into the Cardinals latest loss with a little over four minutes to go in the game, after the third Sam Bradford turnover of the day.

He finished the game 4/7 for 36 yards and an interception, but he looked calm despite being in a do or die situation for his team.

The reason to go to Rosen is simple, he gives the Cardinals something more than Bradford.

Bradford has looked tentative, he is statuesque in the pocket because of the injuries in his career and that has made him less effective.

It doesn't help that the offensive line has not been consistent pass blocking, but Rosen's mobility within the pocket and outside of it, he has the longest run on the year for the Cardinals at 12 yards, gives the Cardinals offensive line a little breathing room as well.

It is time for the Rosen One.