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2018 NFL Week 4 Power Rankings: It is unanimous that the Arizona Cardinals are the worst team in the NFL

The experts agree, through three weeks, no team has been worse than the Arizona Cardinals.

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NFL: Chicago Bears at Arizona Cardinals Arizona Republic-USA TODAY NETWORK

Through three weeks of the NFL season, there is rarely a consensus on anything.

No, through three weeks there could be five or six teams with a claim to the best in the league. There could be three to four with a claim to the worst in the league and most NFL pundits will have their opinion on who and why.

Well, through three weeks of the NFL season, we have a consensus.

The Arizona Cardinals are the worst team in the NFL.

At least, that is what the 2018 NFL Power Rankings tell us.’s Elliot Harrison has the Arizona Cardinals 32:

The Josh Rosen era began in earnest on Sunday in Arizona. The rotten play-calling continued in earnest.

ESPN has the Cardinals at 32:

The Cardinals can’t move the ball: They have 571 yards of offense this season, the fewest by any team through three games since the 2006 Raiders (531).

Sporting News Vinny Iyer has the Cardinals at 32:

Let’s see what Josh Rosen can do over full games. There’s no way the offense can be worse with him than it was with Sam Bradford.

Nate Davis of USA Today has the Cardinals at 32:

David Johnson once talked about getting 1,000 yards rushing and receiving in same year. He’s on pace to top 300-300 plateau in ‘18.

Frank Schwab of Yahoo! Sports has the Cardinals at 32:

Now that the Bills have won a game, there’s little doubt this is the worst team in football. It was painful watching them blow a 14-0 lead on Sunday. It’s amazing they started Sam Bradford three times before turning to Josh Rosen, too.

SB Nation has the Cardinals at 32:

The Cardinals will be pushing forward with Josh Rosen at quarterback after the rookie surprisingly entered the lineup in the fourth quarter on Sunday. Maybe he’ll be able to boost them up the rankings next week after Arizona faces the Seahawks in Week 4.

Through three weeks, the Cardinals find themselves at the bottom.

Just ask the SB Nation FanPulse:

The good thing is, they now have Josh Rosen in and there is nowhere to go but up.