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Arizona Cardinals vs Seattle Seahawks first half game thread

Talk about the beginning of the Josh Rosen era with your friends at Revenge of the Birds.

Seattle Seahawks v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Ralph Freso/Getty Images

It is time…

For the first time in years the Arizona Cardinals will turn the reins over to a rookie quarterback they drafted in the first round.

It is something we haven’t seen since the Matt Leinart era in 2006.

No, since then the Cardinals have been content with re-treads and rebuilds of players.

It has worked, Kurt Warner and Carson Palmer, it has failed, Derek Anderson and Sam Bradford.

Now, it is time for the Arizona Cardinals to move to Josh Rosen.

They give him his first NFL start against the Seattle Seahawks, in a home game, as the Cardinals sit at 0-3 with a historically bad offense through the first three weeks.

Can they get production out of Rosen?

Will he be the key to unlocking David Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald and the rest of the Cardinals offense, or will he be handcuffed by a lack of talent and play calling?

Despite being 0-3, this is the most intriguing game in my opinion since the NFC Championship Game.

Go Cardinals!