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Arizona Cardinals given slight chance to make playoffs according to NumberFire

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

NumberFire is a source of info that I have cited a few times on Revenge of the Birds before, and this time, I wanted to give you guys a look at what they are projecting in terms of the overall 2018-19 season for the Arizona Cardinals.

Despite another 1,000 yard season from both David Johnson (rushing) and Larry Fitzgerald (receiving), NumberFire is giving the Cardinals only a 24.2% chance of making the postseason. Their chances of making the Super Bowl? 1.1%.

Again, the overall offensive projections for individual Cardinals players don’t look too bad. On top of Fitz and DJ, Sam Bradford is projected to put in a solid year with almost 4,000 yards through the air and Christian Kirk is expected to have a decent rookie campaign with 550 yards receiving.

The one number I did find odd was Chad Williams’ mere 231 yards with 20 catches, even though he was just listed as a starter for the team. I think there would be some disappointment if that’s as high as his numbers get.


For week one specifically, the Cardinals are about even with the Washington Redskins and given a 49.3% chance to win their home and season opener.

If you are craving more statistics and projections, feel free to head over to the team page for NumberFire here.