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For the 2019 NFL Draft, the Arizona Cardinals are favorites to land the first pick

The Arizona Cardinals find themselves as one of the favorites to finish with the worst record in the NFL in 2018.

2018 NFL Draft Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Odds are a funny thing. When the Super Bowl odds continue to come out the Arizona Cardinals find themselves near the bottom.

This isn’t surprising in the least, but what was a bit surprising, one of the oddest odds of the 2019 season was that of the 2019 NFL Draft first overall pick odds.

The people at Sports Betting Dime set the odds for the team that will have 2019 NFL Draft first overall pick and the team with the best odds before the season gets started is the Buffalo Bills. They sit at 5/1.

Meanwhile, something I didn’t expect, is that the Arizona Cardinals, along with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, have the second best odds at 7/1.

The faith, or lack of, in the Arizona Cardinals is pretty stark.

Yet, teams like the Cleveland Browns and New York Jets have worse odds, both at 8/1, than the Cardinals.

It’s definitely eye-opening to see the lack of belief in the Cardinals heading into 2018, especially after the last five years under Bruce Arians.

New team, new beliefs.