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Arizona Cardinals vs Washington Redskins preview podcast

Looking at the Arizona Cardinals at the Washington Redskins.

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at New Orleans Saints Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Jess and I started this podcast in 2013 with... Not much fanfare.

The Arizona Cardinals are, quite candidly, one of the hardest organizations to cover simply because of the lack of national interest.

Yet, through quite a bit of luck and Jess's persistence, with me just being able to talk football which I love to do, we have made it to 200 episodes of the Rise Up, See Red Podcast.

That's right, the best hour of Cardinals talk on the web celebrates its 200th episode with a no nostalgia, no trips down memory lane, just pure, unadulterated Arizona Cardinals football talk.

As always, Jess is nice enough to give you all the time stamps of each segment as we discuss the roster, the waiver wire and practice squad and finish up with a look at game one of the season against the Washington Redskins.

Sit back and enjoy the best hour of Cardinals talk on the Web, and here are the approximate time stamps of the different topics we discussed.

(3:00) Reaction to the new stadium name

(4:51) Reaction to the final roster

30:00) Season preview: What we are excited about and what we are concerned about for the season

(40:41) Win/loss projections

(46:06) Statistical projections for players

(56:14) Previewing the Redskins

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