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King of the Hill or fall of a Kliff?

Cardinals new HC Kliff Kingsbury will either be a home run or a big disaster

NCAA Football: Texas Tech at Baylor Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals made the 2019 season even more interesting by hiring Ryan Gosl...I mean Kliff Kingsbury as their next head coach.

Now he may or may not be the right hire, but his offenses has put up incredible numbers at the college level.

He is well known for coaching Patrick Mahomes, but he is also the same person that ran Baker Mayfield out of town.

Based on the production of their young NFL careers, Mahomes and Mayfield will be successful quarterbacks for a long time.

The other quarterbacks he has coached includes Johnny Manziel, Case Keenum, Davis Webb, and Nick Shimonek.

Manziel was a trouble maker and a first-round bust by the Browns. Keenum has been a journeyman in the NFL, but has had some success in the league. Webb has been a backup quarterback for the Giants and Jets since being drafted in 2017 in the third-round. Shimonek went undrafted and remains a free agent.

All of the quarterbacks Kingsbury has worked with were successful in college, putting up big numbers as part of an air raid offense. But a lot of them have failed to translate their successes in college into the NFL.

Now he will have the opportunity to work with Josh Rosen, a quarterback that has all of the intangibles to succeed. Rosen is one of the more talented quarterbacks that Kingsbury will ever work with.

Former Cardinals HC Steve Wilks struggled with creativity, dialing up the same plays and being unable to fix the problems that he promised to correct. Kingsbury needs to be the man that lives up to his promises.

Whether or not he will be the next Sean McVay or Matt Nagy is up in the air, but he is a young offensive-minded coach that the Cardinals have been searching for.

It doesn’t mean that he will be successful, but Kingsbury is part of the new wave of coaches that are both young and innovative. That is something that the Cardinals lacked all of the 2018 season.

College is a lot different than the NFL so it will be a huge adjustment for him. This is more than a one-year fix but seeing how successful McVay and Nagy have been so quickly, the Cardinals may just be a sneaky team in 2019.

The Cardinals got a young and good-looking offensive-minded coach, own the first overall pick, will have 10 draft picks, have around $70 million in cap space, and have first waiver priority through week four of the 2019 season.

Successful or not, the Cardinals will have one interesting offseason.