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John DeFilippo to join Jacksonville Jaguars as OC, as Arizona Cardinals continue search

The Cardinals are down another candidate.

NFL: Minnesota Vikings-Training Camp Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

For the Arizona Cardinals, finding the right fit at the offensive coordinator position is going to be tough.

It's not because it's the Cardinals, or because they don't want to coach Josh Rosen, or the Cardinals lack talent, it's simply because of the presence of Kliff Kingsbury.

Kingsbury is calling the offense, he is calling the shots and he's going to be the guy who makes this thing go or why it fails spectacularly.

So, when one of the presumed finalist John DeFilippo, went to Jacksonville to interview with the Jaguars for their OC position, you felt like that ship has sailed.

It did.

DeFilippo was a hot head coaching candidate only one season ago and then went to the Minnesota Vikings and things fell apart.

Now, he gets to do it his way in Jacksonville.

DeFilippo would have been a great fit in Arizona because of his work with quarterbacks, his ability to help scheme in the redzone, part of his biggest role in Philly, and his understanding of a diverse passing game.

It is the second contender for the position who has gone elsewhere, as Steve Sarkisian went back to Alabama to be the OC for the Crimson Tide.

Instead, the Cardinals continue their search, with the names that have interviewed being Ben McAdoo and Jim Bob Cooter.

Maybe the Cardinals circle back to a Jim Caldwell or Joe Philbin, but as of now, we'll continue to wait to see if the Cardinals can find the right fit.