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Notes from the AFC Championship Game matchup: New England Patriots at Kansas City Chiefs

News and notes from around the SB Nation on the AFC Championship Game.

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at New England Patriots Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

It is time for the 2019 AFC Championship Game.

The New England Patriots visit the Kansas City Chiefs. To help you get ready for today’s matchup, we took a look at each teams SB Nation.

Kansas City Chiefs via Arrowhead Pride

Patriots Tom Brady wants to play underdog against the Chiefs? Let him. - Arrowhead Pride
The Patriots quarterback did his best to create bulletin board material for his team after the game against the Chargers.

Damien Williams shared divisional-round missed tackle lead, per PFF - Arrowhead Pride
Williams shared a piece of the lead in missed tackles this weekend.

Chiefs vs. Colts: Dee Ford, Chris Jones and Justin Houston brought heat - Arrowhead Pride
Dee Ford, Chris Jones and Justin Houston put the pressure on the Colts in the divisional round

The Patriots believing they’re “underdogs” have Chiefs nearly laughing - Arrowhead Pride
Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman put out "Bet Against Us" T-Shirts Wednesday.

Patrick Mahomes exorcised some goal-line demons against the Colts - Arrowhead Pride
The Chiefs quarterback is still improving in the midst of the biggest games of his young career.

Justin Houston realizes not many players get to the conference championship game - Arrowhead Pride
Houston has seen the good times and the bad in Kansas City, and recognizes a special time when he sees it

Five stats that could determine the Chiefs’ game against the Patriots - Arrowhead Pride
The latest edition of Chiefs stats takes a look at the AFC championship game

Report: Chiefs safety Eric Berry expected to play against Patriots - Arrowhead Pride
Ian Rapoport’s sources say that Berry will take the field in the AFC Championship

Chiefs punter Dustin Colquitt loves what he’s seeing in Kansas City - Arrowhead Pride
Colquitt anchors one end of a bridge leading back to the last time the Chiefs played for the AFC Championship

How the Chiefs defense beats the Patriots offense in AFC Championship - Arrowhead Pride
Come down to the Lab to find out how the Chiefs defense can stop the Patriots offense and punch a ticket for Atlanta.

Patriots-Chiefs AFC Championship Game: five things to watch - Arrowhead Pride
Kansas City plays New England for a chance to take a trip to Atlanta in February

Chiefs vs. Patriots: Five questions with the enemy - Arrowhead Pride
We welcome Pat’s Pulpit for answers to five questions about the Patriots in the AFC Championship this Sunday

Chiefs vs. Patriots: game and score predictions - Arrowhead Pride
Will the Lamar Hunt trophy finally be awarded to its rightful owner? The AP staff weighs in on who it has winning the AFC on Sunday.

Chiefs-Patriots AFC title game will come down to small adjustments - Arrowhead Pride
How the Chiefs continue their recent offensive success against the Patriots

New England Patriots via Pats Pulpit

Patriots explain the challenges of defending Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes - Pats Pulpit
New England will have to slow down the NFL’s best offense on Sunday.

Patriots’ top offensive weapons need to bring their A-game against Chiefs - Pats Pulpit
Numbers show the Patriots’ top weapons offensively have struggled in past games against the Chiefs.

Patriots vs Chiefs is the way it was supposed to be all year long - Pats Pulpit
The two best teams in the conference are going at each other at full strength on Sunday.

Patriots WR Julian Edelman mic’d up is everything you’d expect it to be - Pats Pulpit
The veteran wideout wore a microphone this week.

One thing the Patriots defense can do to beat the Chiefs on Sunday - Pats Pulpit
After pouring over the tape trying to find what the Patriots defense did well in week six, one component stood out in a big way.

AFC Championship: 3 offensive keys to victory for Patriots against Chiefs - Pats Pulpit
The Chargers and Chiefs defenses couldn’t be more different, but they are just as vulnerable

What the first Patriots-Chiefs game means for the AFC Championship - Pats Pulpit
There were a lot of encouraging signs and many correctable mistakes.

Patriots vs Chiefs: Don’t you dare forget about special teams! - Pats Pulpit
The third phase of the game is flying under the radar this week.

Why the Patriots will win the AFC Championship Game against the Chiefs - Pats Pulpit
The Patriots have talent in all the right spots to match up against the Chiefs if they can execute their game plan.

AFC Championship: Tom Brady, Patriots might go after a Chiefs rookie - Pats Pulpit
We spoke with Arrowhead Pride about the upcoming game between the Patriots and Chiefs.

AFC Championship: Advanced stats show just how good Chiefs offense is - Pats Pulpit
A look at the stats ahead of Sunday’s meeting between the Patriots and Chiefs.

AFC Championship: Patriots need to be ready for a noisy Arrowhead Stadium - Pats Pulpit
The Chiefs have one of the best home field advantages in the NFL.

Patriots’ remaining core can be seen through the snaps from past seven AFC title games - Pats Pulpit
Twenty-eight Patriots on the field for last year’s AFC title game remain on the active roster for this year’s.

AFC Championship: 3 defensive keys to victory for Patriots against Chiefs - Pats Pulpit
Patrick Mahomes is an MVP lock and first team All-Pro as a sophomore. How can the Patriots stop him on defense?