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Monday Night Open Thread with Revenge of the Birds

Talk about... Anything, With your friends at Revenge of the Birds.

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Welcome to the first open thread of the 2019 year.

Hope things have started off well for you and yours this year.

With so much going on with the Cardinals already, the NFL trying to put out the fires of blown calls in their biggest games of the season, and the upcoming 2019 NFL Draft, there has not been a second to sit back and relax.

So, over the next week or so, before the Super Bowl, free agency and of course the draft, we want to be able to have some things to discuss.

The Kingsbury hire will be an interesting one to follow. Those within the NFL community I speak with are excited and hopeful that it works. The NFL needs an infusion of youth, creativity and excitement, that could be Kingsbury.

Kyler Murray’s draft status is mostly wait and see. Most people I have spoken with are less concerned on height and more concerned on his single productive season at the collegiate level as a passer. They know the arm is there, they know the skills are there, but they don’t know if one great year is enough for a day one pick.

I wrote a snippet tomorrow, I’ve talked with my buddied Tyler Nickel and Coximus2 about it quite a bit, but Marquise “Hollywood” Brown is the guy I think would make the K2 offense go in this draft more than any other. Dane Brugler put out a report yesterday that the NFL loves him. So, that dream may be dead.

Few housekeeping rules:

During this time, please no discussion of or references to politics or religion. We like everyone, please keep it that way.

Please keep the conversation as close to PG-13 as possible. The PG rule also extends to the posting of pictures and gifs. Any nudity (this includes photos with see through clothing) or anything else of an offensive nature is strictly prohibited and posting such may result in a ban.

Please keep your pics and GIFs to a reasonable number and a reasonable size as to not slow down the load time of the thread too much.

Have a great night everyone.