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Under Kliff Kingsbury, how will the art of prospect grading change for the Arizona Cardinals?

How will the way the Cardinals grade prospects change under Kliff Kingsbury?

NFL: Arizona Cardinals- Kliff Kingsbury Press Conference The Arizona Republic-USA TODAY NETWORK

Steve Wilks, we hardly knew you.

We are on to Kliff Kingsbury and what the new coach wants in players.

We’ll say this, we never were able to figure out who was a “Wilks guy” because it was such a short time, and they only drafted on defensive player. However, we know some things about Kingsbury the college coach.

  1. RAC matters: As Walter has explained well, in order to have a successfully run air raid offense, or whatever version K2 uses in the NFL, you need run after the catch monsters. That’s why, we you see players being mocked, take one second and look how they did at creating not before the catch, but after. There are two that standout early: Parris Campbell of Ohio State and Marquise Brown of Oklahoma.
  2. Ability to move matters: Offensive lineman have to be bendy, flexible and able to pass protect against Frank Clark on one play, then sprint out in front of David Johnson on a screen pass the next. Dalton Risner, Andre Dillard are players to know early.
  3. You better be able to catch: While a fourth round pick was just spent on Chase Edmonds, and David Johnson was extended for three seasons, running backs are used a plenty in K2’s offense. It means you better be able to catch out of the backfield or line up and run routes. If K2 likes what he has in Johnson (not really a choice) and Edmonds, then this won’t need to be addressed in the draft. If he’s less than ecstatic, you could see a day three pick being used. Could a Mike Weber from Ohio State or Darrell Henderson from Memphis make sense on day three?

We’ll learn more if Kingsbury gets more than one year, but when it comes to the 2019 NFL Combine, well that will take some time.