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With the love of Quinnen Williams beginning to show, reminder, there is only one Aaron Donald

Los Angeles Rams v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

As the cavalcade of 2019 NFL Mock Drafts begin, we are seeing some dissent from the majority about what the Cardinals should do.

It is an interesting exercise to see who and why, but the main thing right now is you are seeing Quinnen Williams emerge as the other name for the first overall pick.

I’ve watch a lot of Quinnen Williams, I think he has some elite traits and ability, but those wanting the next Aaron Donald are barking up the wrong tree.

First off, there is likely never to be another Donald, much like there is unlikely to be another J.J. Watt.

When you watch the play of Williams, you see another GREAT player, but he’s not Aaron Donald.

You see a guy like Gerald McCoy.

McCoy, a 2013 All Pro and six time Pro Bowl selection is a dynamic interior defender that has been the anchor of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for nearly a decade. If that is the Williams ceiling, that is a player every single team in the NFL wants on their roster.

However, if you are expecting Donald and getting McCoy, again this is no shot at McCoy who is great, you’re going to be disappointed. Donald has been in the league half as long as McCoy and has five more sacks in his career at 59.5 in five season, to go along with four All Pro selections and five Pro Bowls in his five season... Oh and a 2017 NFL Defensive Player of the Year.

Here’s the reality too... Williams ceiling being McCoy, a dangerous and talented interior defender, is asking quite a bit. If Williams reaches the height of McCoy in his career, it would be a slam dunk pick.

However, when you are making comparisons, something I always advocate is giving the best case and worst case scenario. So, that begs the question what is Williams low end comparison?

It doesn’t have to be a bust, but if we are saying a multi time Pro Bowler and All Pro level is the best case, is he a rotational piece on the low end, ala Robert Nkemdiche? Is he closer to a run stopper and some time pressure guy like Leonard Williams?

The love of Williams makes sense, he is a talented interior lineman that looks like he can play end in a 34 defense without question.

However, when you throw around comps like Aaron Donald, it needs to be done with a caveat... There is only one Aaron Donald and if you are expecting anyone not named Aaron Donald to reach those heights, you are setting yourself up to be disappointed.

All of this talk is not to say that Williams should not be the pick or cannot be the pick, it is just a reminder, don’t ask a player to be something he is not.