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Ranking the 2019 NFL head coach openings and where do the Arizona Cardinals land.

The Arizona Cardinals are looking for a new head coach again, and the perception of whether or not the job is good varies wildly.

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NFL: Arizona Cardinals-Press Conference Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals join a list of eight teams, so a quarter of the NFL teams, who need a new head coach.

The Cardinals were on the list as well in 2018, when they hired Steve Wilks late in the process.

At the time, the Cardinals job was considered among the worst in the NFL by national media simply because of the roster construction. No quarterbacks were on the roster.

So, the Cardinals were not only wanting to be sold by a head coach, they would have to sell the head coach on their plans.

This lead to the Cardinals being spurned by some candidates, including Mike Munchak removing his name from consideration.

In the end, they settled on Steve Wilks, which imploded within the year.

Wilks is gone now and the Cardinals are back on the hunt, but the question remains, is this a job people want?

Locally, many view the job as a good one, they see the positives of Rosen and pieces on defense. Then, you add in the first pick and a nice chunk of change for free agency, it could be a great job.

On the other hand, most national media seems to be lower on the Cardinals:

Washington Post:

6. Arizona Cardinals

McCarthy would be the natural fit, but it sounds as though he might just sit out the 2019 season. To get McCarthy, the Cardinals might have to give him authority to bring in the players. This isn’t a bad job. There is talent on defense. Josh Rosen has the chance to be a decent quarterback. The Cardinals have the No. 1 overall pick. The biggest challenge is rebuilding the offensive line.

USA Today:

7. Cardinals

The Cardinals have their quarterback in Josh Rosen. They also have a talented running back (David Johnson) to help ease pressure on him. But this roster remains in need of a lot of work. Some people around the league have questions about the quality of the front office, and decision to fire Wilks after one year could give some candidates pause about taking on this project.

4) Arizona Cardinals: Josh Rosen, Chandler Jones and David Johnson make this job alluring. Plus, the club holds the first overall draft pick in 2019. (Hi, Nick Bosa?) The downside: The NFC West is a brutal division.

Yahoo Sports:

4. Arizona Cardinals

Arizona also hope they have their quarterback in place, though Josh Rosen has had little chance to prove he can be the future of the franchise with the team having finished 3-13 in his rookie season. There are some pieces to build around - including running back David Johnson and cornerback Patrick Peterson - while the Cardinals also own the first overall pick in the 2019 draft. However, they are playing in an ultra-competitive NFC West, which includes the playoff-bound Los Angeles Rams and Seattle Seahawks.

Houston Press:

5. ARIZONA CARDINALS (3-13, Steve Wilks)
CURRENT QB: Josh Rosen
QB CONTRACT SITUATION (Spotrac): Heading into Year Two of his four year (plus fifth year option) of his rookie deal
2019 SALARY CAP SPACE (Rank): $70.0 million (6th)
2019 NFL DRAFT SLOT: 1st overall

The quality of this gig is almost entirely based on how a head coach feels about Rosen. Having the first overall pick (and picking first in every round) should bring a good building block. I think this, like the Jets and Browns, needs to be an innovative, offensive head coach. Wilks was a disaster.

The consensus in the media is the Cardinals are middle to lower middle of the pack, which makes sense.

One thing that gets overlooked by most fans is that the Cardinals play in an absolutely brutal division.

While Cards fans think the bubble could burst in LA any minute, most within the NFL see them as a team who will be a problem moving forward.

The Seahawks made sweeping changes in their coaching ranks and a bevy of moves on defense, and they are in the playoffs.

The 49ers lost two games to the Cardinals and still finished with a better record.

In reality, the Cardinals situation is made worse by the fact that they play in the NFC West. A team like the Browns or Jets, both who are consistently ranked ahead of the Cardinals, have more talent (Browns), but also have a situation where their division is more open to contend (outside of the Patriots in the AFC East).

When you look at the consistent top three, Browns, Jets and Packers, they all have trump cards on the Cardinals at this point.

Which is okay, let the hot names fight for those jobs and find the next Doug Pederson or Frank Reich.

Find someone who has been immersed in the sport for decades and needs a chance, not someone who had one big season to get his name in the spotlight.

Where would you rank the Cardinals job?


Where would you rank the Arizona Cardinals head coaching vacancy?

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